PC Zone Lives!
Oi! Vici MacDonald

Oi! Vici MacDonald

A more traditional podcast format for the sixth episode of PC Zone Lives, where instead of trying – and often failing – to get a virtual room full of people to remember a very specific time in PC Zone history, your amiable host goes through one person’s entire Zone-infused CV.

For this first audio Oi!, Richie chats with Vici MacDonald, a freelance designer who worked on the very first issues of PC Zone and who later oversaw the extensive 1998 redesign that saw PC Zone reclaim its rightful spot at the top of the UK PC games mag hit parade.

As well as her time as a globetrotting music journalist on Smash Hits, Vici remembers the life of her celebrated brother Duncan MacDonald - PC Zone’s immortal Mr. Cursor and legend of both Your Sinclair and Zero. Duncan sadly died in 2017, but not before writing South Coast Diaries, which Vici helped publish and you should absolutely read if you were ever a fan of Duncan’s work.

Note: If you’re yet to read South Coast Diaries, you may experience one or two minor spoilers during the episode, but none that should diminish your enjoyment of the book when you inevitably get around to reading it. Which you will, won’t you!

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