PC Zone Lives!
The Launch Issue (April 1993)

The Launch Issue (April 1993)

PC Zone was the UK’s first games-only PC magazine. You know this because, (a) we don’t shut up about it, and, (b) it was plastered above the masthead when the first issue was delivered way back in March 1993 (so it must be true).

But, did you also know that PC Zone was conceived as early as 1991? You’ll know this because Your Sinclair and Zero legend Teresa Maughan talks about the difficult gestation and much more besides in this episode of PC Zone Lives.

Also joining Richie Shoemaker to remember PC Zone in utero are launch editor Paul Lakin and art editor Duncan Hemphill, both veterans of PCZ precursor Game Zone magazine.

Completing the line-up is PC Zone’s long-serving publisher Tim Ponting, who after being lured away from Zero to work on a “proper magazine”, took over from the Mother of PC Zone when she snuck off to have real babies soon after the magazine had its arse smacked.

If you need to remind of yourself of just what a beautiful baby the launch issue of PC Zone turned out to be, check out archive.org.

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PC Zone Lives!
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